Introducing Digital Farmhand - Video

This video shows footage from a 2017 demonstration of the Digital FarmHand in Richmond, NSW.  Digital Farmhand is a low cost row crop robot aimed at helping small scale farmers in Australia and overseas perform crop analytics and automation of simple farming tasks. The design of the platform is based on the use of low cost sensors, computing and manufacturing techniques which will allow the farmer to easily maintain and modify their platform to suit their needs. 
The platform comes with an actuated three-point hitch mechanism which allows various implements to be attached (similar to a tractor). Sprayer, seeder and tyne weeder implements have been manufactured for the platform.

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ACFR demonstrates the Digital FarmHand platform to local farmers

On the 23 June 2017, ACFR was invited to a Greater Sydney Local Land Services' field day event to present the work on the Digital Farmhand (previously named Di-Wheel). The event generated significant interest within the local farming community with over 100 people in attendance. During the event, the team presented:

  • The project overview 
  • The design concept of the Digital Farmhand 
  • Plant analytics via low-cost sensors such as a smartphone camera
  • The future vision of the project
  • Live demonstration of automated row turning using a smartphone
  • Live demonstration of a farming implement (spray boom) mounted on Digital FarmHand

Below are some photos from the event.

The Hawkesbury Gazette featured an artilce about the event which can be accessed here.

ACFR - Indonesia Australia Business Week (IABW) 2017

Muhammad Esa Attia and Carla Brown were invited to present the work ACFR has been doing in agriculture and, in particular, our previous visit to trial a robot in Indonesia. The presentation showcased ACFR technology and the potential for its commercial application in Indonesia.  Esa along with fellow IABW delegates were also given a tour of the local farms in the town of Bogor and sat down with Pak Alfie from Agrio Socio to discuss current issues affecting farmers in Indonesia.